Big Changes for The Thrifty Dad

Big Changes for The Thrifty Dad

The Thrifty Dad’s been kicking around for a few years now. While things have been mostly great, things have also been slow moving. I could go on and on about the reasons behind the slow moving nature of the site, but instead I’d like to talk about the solution—a complete overhaul of the name, image, and format of The Thrifty Dad.

What’s next for The Thrifty Dad?


There are a number of changes en route for the site. I can’t go into details on all of them, as I want it to be a surprise. (And there’s a big chance things pan out differently in the end.) But, there are a few things I can let you in on.

  • A new name: The Thrifty Dad will soon be something else. Don’t worry, we’ll still cover some thrifty tips and what not. But, the new name will ultimately allow us to cover a wider range of topics without it seeming so awkward. (I’ll still be awkward, so fear not.)
  • A new format: Right now The Thrifty Dad is largely a solo project, with guest posts here and there. This approach was fine in the beginning, but as any parent knows, spare time and energy are a rarity. I need help, so expect a new format in the near future. This format will still leave room for personal posts, but also make it easier for people to contribute.
  • A new look: With the new name and format comes a new look. The current site is clean, sure, but it’s also kind of dull. It’s time to spice things up with a new look that really says, “This is a place for unique voices in parenting.” Parenting’s messy, so why are so many parenting sites squeaky clean?

I’d love to give you more details, but sadly I can’t. But, I can say I’m really excited about the new site. Parenting’s messy, wild, and fun, and I want the new site to reflect that. There’s also no single “right” way to handle parenting, and I want to ensure that’s reflected in the new format and content.

When will the site change?


I will say the new site should hopefully go live by February. Once it’s live, I have a feeling things will be much livelier around here, with more frequent content to boot.

Here’s to a great 2021, and a year that certainly sucks a little less than the one before it!

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